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The Statesman

We’re excited to share that Calcutta Records has been featured in The Statesman! The article, “Reliving the Old World Charm with Vinyl Records,” dives into our mission to bring back the rich sound and tangible joy of vinyl in a digital-dominated era.

Our collection, from legendary artists to Bollywood favorites, is a testament to our dedication to the vinyl experience. Highlighting Kolkata’s historic connection to vinyl, the article underscores our founder, Avijit Sarkar’s, journey from tech to turntables, advocating for the unique, immersive experience vinyl offers.

This feature is not just a nod to our efforts but a celebration of the vinyl community we’re proud to be part of. It reaffirms our commitment to making music tangible and enriching listeners’ experiences.

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Founder's Note

Hey there, I’m Avijit, the guy who started Calcutta Records. This whole journey began with a simple love for music, especially the kind that’s pressed into vinyl. Remember those old records your parents might have tucked away somewhere? That’s where my heart is. Growing up in Calcutta, I was introduced to Freeschool street by my father. There’s something about dropping the needle on a record and hearing that first crackle that digital music just can’t touch. So, I thought, why not bring that magic back? And thus, Calcutta Records was born. We’ve dug through old collections in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and beyond to bring you a mix of everything from The Beatles to RD Burman - because good music knows no boundaries. And it’s not just about the music; it’s about holding a piece of history in your hands. If you love music, like I do, join our CRC family and let's get lost in a world music! Below are a few of my most favourite records that is a must have for any collector
Avijit Sarkar
Founder | Calcutta Records Company

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