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Vinyl Cleaning Like

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Experience Vinyl Cleaning Like Never Before

ViniClean is a professional-grade solution designed specifically for vinyl records. 
ViniClean’s formulation contains ionized particles that attach to dirt particles in the deepest grooves and pull out any surface noise causing dust or dirt. It has anti fungal and anti microbial properties. ViniClean also provides an Anti static effect to prevent dust accumulation.
ViniClean is the best way to keep your records clean and make them sound awesome.

Designed in 2 formulations for effective cleaning and maintenance of Records

DeepClean’s special formulation allows it to reach the deepest grooves and pull out any dirt or substances. It has ionized particles that can attach to dirt and remove them. DeepClean is designed to clean records that need deeper cleaning.


Maintenance has been designed to gently clean off surface particles and dust that accumulate every time you take out a record. It is non alcoholic and safe for regular use. It contain charged particles to remove dust and prevents anti static buildup.


How To Use Viniclean?

Shake The Bottle

Shake well before use for deeper cleaning. Store the bottle in a cool and dry place

Spray 3-4 Times

Spray 3-4 times on each side from 10 inches distance, while avoiding the label

Wipe Clockwise

Wipe clockwise with a microfiber cloth and allow the record to dry before playing

Before Usage
After Usage
ViniClean Vinyl Record Cleaner Combo Pack

ViniClean Combo Pack

ViniClean combo comes with both DeepClean and Maintenance cleaner. Set of 2 spray bottles, each containing 200ml of cleaning solution.

Directions for best results
1. Wipe record clean with a microfiber cloth
2. Spray ViniClean DeepClean 3 times on each side and wipe
3. Apply ViniClean Maintenance 3 times on each side and wipe


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Original price was: $47.98.Current price is: $28.78.Add to cart

Lab Tested

ViniClean has been tested in labs for safety on Vinyl Records.
When compared with other brands available in the market, ViniClean has performed better and shown to be safer on Vinyl records.


ViniClean is not just a regular cleaning spray; it’s a professional-grade solution designed specifically for vinyl records. It integrates an ionized cleaning mechanism that pulls off the dust, an anti-static property to reduce future dust accumulation, and leaves no harmful residue. Regular cleaning sprays may contain chemicals that can damage your vinyl records, but ViniClean is safe, efficient, and made with your vinyls in mind.

Absolutely! ViniClean is formulated to be safe for your vinyl records. It incorporates a mild but effective blend of ingredients that gently clean your vinyl without causing any damage. It also includes preservatives and antimicrobial agents to prevent microbial growth, further extending the lifespan of your records.

ViniClean is specifically formulated for vinyl records and may not be suitable for shellac records. Shellac records have a different composition and are more sensitive to certain chemicals. Always test any cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area before applying to the entire record.

The longevity of ViniClean’s effect can vary based on the environment and how frequently the records are used. However, regular cleaning with ViniClean PreClean and maintenance with ViniClean Maintenance Cleaner Solution should keep your vinyl records in optimal condition for everyday use.

ViniClean matches, if not exceeds, the performance of many imported brands. It is designed with professional-grade ingredients to provide deep and thorough cleaning. More importantly, ViniClean is tailored for vinyl lovers who appreciate not only clean but also well-preserved records. You can trust ViniClean to deliver on both fronts, without having to pay import prices.