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We are happy to be the first vinyl record store in India to deal in imported Vinyl records. We have a huge collection of Japanese and European pressings available for you exclusively. These exclusive Import series records have major noticeable differences with our indian pressings in terms of Audio quality, Record condition and Cover condition. Once you try any of our Import series there is just no going back. Just like you, we did not take the general word for this, we carried out a detailed listening session with Sergent Peppers Album in Indian Old Pressing, Japanese Pressing, UK pressing and New Pressing. 
Our listeners ranked the audio mostly in favour of Old Japanese Pressing, followed by Old UK pressing, then either Old Indian Pressing or New Pressing.

Japan: The Land Of The Best Records

Japanese are know for their extreme detailed engineering in Audio. Be it Sony or Audio Technica, all great audio equipments have dominated the industry for a long time. Their versions of the records still dominate anything else on the market. Japanese records often have Obi Strips, which make them more appealing to listeners and collectors.

Best Records

Mastering Excellence

Japanese pressings are known for their clarity and precision in sound. The mastering process in Japan ensures that every nuance of the music is captured and preserved.

Unique Features

Our collection includes special editions and releases complete with Obi strips and additional inserts, offering a complete cultural experience.

Iconic Labels

We source our Japanese imports from esteemed labels such as Sony Music and JVC, ensuring that each record is a symbol of quality and excellence.

Audio Brilliance

United Kingdom: A Legacy of Audio Brilliance

The UK has been a hub of musical innovation and excellence for decades. Our UK imports reflect this rich history, offering a diverse range of genres and artists.

Historic Pressings

 From the legendary studios of EMI, Decca, and Parlophone, our UK collection includes some of the most sought-after pressings in the world.

Sound Quality

UK pressings are known for their dynamic range and depth, with a warmth and richness that is quintessentially British.

Cultural Icons

Our selection spans the gamut from classic rock to pioneering electronic music, showcasing the UK’s diverse musical landscape.

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