Immerse yourself in the classic sounds from the legendary 1979 album ‘Dance With Me =ー’ by Hidemi Saito. Proudly brought to you by Toshiba Records and available on 33 RPM LP format from Japan. Buy Dance With Me =ー in Vinyl Record Today at an affordable price! Hidemi Saito’s unique blend of electronic, funk, and soul delivers an unforgettable listening experience. This pre-owned English record boasts a VG cover and record, ensuring a satisfying aural adventure. As a true collector’s item or an addition to your music library, this vinyl gem guarantees an entrancing journey back in time to the late 70s. Tracklist: Side A 1. Dance With Me ー 2. Funky Sound 3. Love Vibes Side B 1. Soul Connection 2. Night Fever ー 3. Disco Beat ー Embrace nostalgia and bring home the magic of Hidemi Saito’s ‘Dance With Me ー’ vinyl record today!

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